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The Aims and Values of our organization


SomethingBigger is committed to working with communities by being the neighborhood source for educational activities related to the environment and incorporating our natural resources into all lifestyles.    We aim to unite our community through education on the growing of food, conservation, preservation, and restoration of our natural ecosystem on a local level.  By incentivizing new and creative approaches to our environment and lifestyle, we are able to improve overall quality of life.

By having a facility "next door" in dense residential areas, we are ensuring that kids and families have a place to go and a place to grow. 


               Raising awareness has been a key element in how an individual maneuvers in the world.  

Creating a space in communities where people are able to touch, see, feel, and experience projects related to the food that we eat,

the animals we love, the trees giving us shade, the hens that give us eggs, enhance better understanding of the history, culture

and roots of our neighborhoods.



The goals of our organization


The VISION of somethingBigger is to expand our communities' knowledge on the importance of the ecosystem, land, conservation, preservation, recycling, nature, animals, local habitat, and wildlife and to define the link between the people and the natural systems we need to protect.



                  To provide the neighborhoods first & only Public Community Organic Fruit & Vegetable Garden.  To continue being the local source and go to for

                      our friends and neighbors who are learning, creating awareness and participating in positive and educational activities.


                 To collaborate with other organizations to help carry these messages and initiate programs and activities throughout communities in Los

                  Angeles that can sustain through local leadership and with the support of its inhabitants. 

                  To continue providing care & shelter to any animals in need, involving the community in our efforts to help enforce effective solutions in how                     animals are treated, and to continue raising awareness on the immediate need to protect our local wildlife habitat.



                  To continue raising awareness on the immediate need to protect our remaining and valuable open space, working towards their utilization

                  for educational opportunities for communities throughout the City of Los Angeles.


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