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Dog rescue initiative in Lebanon
Rescuing and re-h
oming abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs



We had no idea how dire the issue of abused and abandoned dogs is in Lebanon until we connected with Tamara, founder of DoggosinLeb.  

When Tamara and her team leave their home each day, they never know how bad the terror is going to be when they see all of the dogs on the street; suffering, and in pain from having been shot, neglected, abandoned, and starving.   We can't imagine living in a community where shooting dogs is an everyday occurrence and done for sport.  Dogs are thrown out in the same manner as garbage bags.


Somethingbigger believes this is an issue that warrants significant attention not only to offer financial support to Tamara and her team but to also raise awareness about the level of abuse these poor animals are forced to endure.  With no help from the community and no help from the local government, to say Tamara and her team have their hands (and paws) full, is an understatement.


Establishing a not-for-profit organization in Lebanon is a very different process than it is for us here.  While DoggosinLeb is actively working on this, we must do what we can to help them help dogs in the meantime.  

We urge visitors to please learn about the work DoggosinLeb is doing to save as many dogs as they possibly can and to please make a donation.  Many of these lucky pups are even ready for adoption!

By using the link on the below mason jar, you are ensuring 100% of your donation goes

directly to DoggosinLeb which pays for vet bills, food, shelter,

and to care for the animals.

Mason Jar-DoggosinLeb.png

Magic, Tina, Cody, Olive, Prince, Powder, Nugget, Winston, Cheesecake, Venus and Herschel. 

Photos of dogs courtesy of Tamara and DoggosinLeb. 
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