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The people of a district considered collectively, esp. in the context of social values & responsibilities


Our community deserves a chance to connect with the outdoors and have opportunites to grow food, plants and garden.  We have several programs and activities where our community can engage in several hands-on programs.  


Please contact us for scheduling, times & program availability.





Our One, Two Tree program is where we discuss the land.  Come learn about what you can do in your own backyard.

Honey I'm Home is our very popular program that allows you to strain & make your very on honey.  

•  Learn all about filtration, straining,       jarring labeling.  

•  Learn about what makes one batch       of honey taste different than the




Minding Your Own Beeswax  demonstrates how we turn natural  comb into bars of wax.

• Learn the many uses there are of      


• Learn how to strain and melt wax.

The Art Of Hen is another neighborhood favorite where we cover it all.  The chicken, the egg, the rooster, & the benefit of not only saving chickens lives by rescuing, but what they can do for your yard.  Learn about what it truly means to be "free range".




Project Pollination focuses on connecting the dots between the land, flowers, bees, honey & food. 

Herm Sweet Herm is loosely organized for visitors to come & experience a day of urban farming & gardening.   • Learn about planting growing food•Get down & dirty in the soil with the  chickens.  • Or just take a nap on the hammock  enjoying the local birds, squirrels &  other visitors.

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