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Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind


When people first taste our honey, after their eyes pop back into their head, it was repeatedly asked: "What is in this"?

The sad reality is how we have become accustomed to processed & unnatural foods to the point where having a taste of something entirely natural is completely unrecognizable.  Our answer is always the same.  There is nothing in it.

Lets clarify a few things.  

• GLUTEN FREE:  This does not mean natural.  Nor does it mean you are vegetarian.  Nor does it mean you are vegan.  Gluten free indicates you are simply choosing -  to not eat gluten.


• VEGETARIAN:  This means you are choosing to not eat meat, the flesh of any animal or by-products of animal slaughter.  (Yes, fish is meat).


•VEGAN: This means you are choosing to not eat meat, cheese, milk & dairy (animal by-products).


Growing your own food is probably the safest way to ensure you know exactly what you are getting.  

You can control the soil; what goes in affects what comes out. 

...More coming soon!

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