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                       flying insects known for their role in pollination & for producing honey & beeswax


SomethingBigger has a handful of interactive programs & activites where we are able to correct many misconceptions about the bee.  Provding an environment where participation is the key for learning & understanding how their role in the world affects everyone.

Check out our Community page for BEE activities!

Bees are one of the most important insects in the ecosystem.  They do more for us humans than people are aware of. 

Who else could produce 90% of the entire worlds nutrition but the bee?


SomethingBigger is currently host to about 6 beehives.  We work with local bee removalists whose job it is to remove beehives that have found their way into peoples walls, attics, eaves or other unwanted locations.  For the folks that have chosen to do bee removal instead of the more destructive path, the E word (extermination), it is important for these bees to have a safe place to go & to be able to continue making a safe home.


Click here for an informative PDF on what you can do to help bees.

Fresh honeycomb
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