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There are more chickens in the world than any other species of bird

Chickens have a bad rap.

Those of us who have spent time with our chickens understand just how intelligent these backyard helpers are.

Meet our current rescues and learn about their story.  


Here are some facts about chickens that are sure to correct any misconception of these beautiful birds.  

Bees eating

 BIANCA - White Leghorn

Bianca was rescued with her sister, BETTY WHITE, who came from a slaughter house up north.  They both lived indoors in a 12x12 cage. Bianca's beak had been cut off.   Neither of them had never set foot outdoors before.

Bianca's favorite thing to do since discovering sunshine is to bask, stretch out her legs & count down the minutes until she gets her dose of daily affection. 

Chickens have a great memory and can distinguish up to 100 different faces.

Chickens have full color vision!

OPRAH - Black Cochin

Oprah and Lucy came from our friends up at Dare 2 Dream Farms. Both these girls are around 7 years old, both very strong egg layers both love to be at the top of the pecking order.  

Just like every other animal, chickens feel pain, stress and empathy.

LUCY- Buff Cochin

GILLY - Salmon Faverolle

Chickens dream!  They experience REM just like we do.

Gilly is an incredibly generous and curious hen.  She's got a lot to say and will go to great lengths to say it.  She gets picked on a lot for having such a generous nature, but she holds her own and knows how to stand tall.  Gilly is about 5 years old and lays almost every day.


KRAMER - Blue Silkie

Miss Hannigan is almost 1 year old.  She was born with an overgrown crooked beak unwanted and tossed away.  She has grown all her feathers in now and is living the dream.

Meet who we used to call 'Penelope Stella'.   At 4 months old, it was thought this adorable 4 month old was a hen.  A few months later a cock-a-doodle-doo came out Kramer had found his voice.  Like his sister, Kramer was born with an oddity.  His feet are turned inward. He doesn't know any better and gets along just great.

Make sure you check out our Community page for details on programs and activites you can participate in with Chickens!

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