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The Practice of cultivating, processing & distributing food in a city


Growing vegetables, fruits and herbs has a rewarding effect that unless you have done yourself, very few can appreciate. Planting a teeny tiny seed, checking in on it every few days, & seeing that first sprout come out of the ground is something special.  

The benefits of growing your own food exceed your bellies.  Making that contribution to the land is not only visually appealing, but incredibly necessary for beneficial insects, bees, & other plant life.

Los Angeles is in the red with LESS THAN 1 ACRE of land per every 1,000 residents.  The recommended minimum is between 8 - 10 acres for every 1,000 residents.

It is more important than ever that we educate and raise the importance of preserving what land is left, especially in the urban areas.  We all need the outdoors.  We all can have a part in gardening, in growing food, or just going for a walk in the neighborhood & enjoying the outdoors.

It is vital that children have a space dedicated to get in the dirt, learn, experiment participate.

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