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The Office of California Attorney General Rob Bonta has neglected to process our paperwork that allows us to accept donations as a tax-exempt organization.

Although their office had no problems cashing our annual registration fee checks in December 2023, the Department is ignoring our emails, phone calls, and correspondence from our attorney.

The Attorney General's staff initially instructed us to file a fee waiver, when we incurred late fees for our mistake of not renewing our annual filings.  They refuse to acknowledge the request and refuse to respond to questions related to why WE were issued late fees when other organizations were not.

The attorney General himself ignores all correspondence - although when he was running for election, he was incredibly responsive.

We apologize for the delay in getting our site back up and are looking forward to helping communities with the natural environment, and animal rescue.


We are actively working with other community-based organizations focused on government transparency and responsiveness, as our current issue demonstrates another example of how our state officials box out the taxpayers of our state.  

Thanks for your patience.


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