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Engaging and educating communities on environmental conservation, preservation, urban farming and animal rescue.

urban farming in Los Angeles

“Not all the winds, and storms, and earthquakes, and seas, and seasons of the world, have done so much to revolutionize the earth as Man..." (George P. Marsh, 1864).

Our planet is in trouble.

Everything on our planet is in trouble.

Right now as you read this, know that we are experiencing our sixth mass extinction.

Everything you do, everywhere you go, and everything you buy, leaves a mark. 

Your decision-making has an impact.

SomethingBigger stems from the work one person was doing at her home which began to attract interest from neighbors.  Rescuing and raising hens, providing a space for bee colonies, growing food, taking in abandoned or sick animals, reusing old wood, metal scraps and recycling, composting, making worm bins, and using the environment around her to create a sustainable ecological niche that essentially demonstrated how people can co-exist with wildlife, incorporate animals into your family and lifestyle, eat organic and natural foods and take steps to create somethingBigger in a big city like Los Angeles.


We are currently working on updating our website and look forward to sharing our work and resources with you shortly.

In the meantime, please check out our Informational page and our Rescue section to meet our new friends DoggosinLeb, who are tirelessly rescuing dogs in the most horrific conditions.

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